Community + Creativity + Experience

Sugar Sugar Studios is a space where people connect through fun and creative experiences. Inspired by the popular Paint Night but with cakes instead.

Whether you’re an expert at decorating cakes or have no experience at all: At our workshops, there is no such thing as a mistake – just delicious cake.

“A party without a cake is just a meeting”. Here at Sugar Sugar Studios, there is plenty of cake.

Linda Jong

Linda graduated with a Dual Diploma in Culinary and Pastry from Northwest Culinary Academy. Born and raised in Vancouver, her entire career journey has been within the food industry. From the front of house to back of house to bar-tending. Finally finding that her talent lies with sweets. Now she uses her talent to connect our community with delicious creativity.

Michael Nguyen

The man behind the scenes helping us reach our online customers. Michael obtained his bachelors degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University and currently works as a Software Engineer where he has over 4 years of experience developing enterprise software for market research professionals. He is also a Part-time Cake Enthusiast – both eating and decorating.

Nancy Vu

Nancy pursued her passion for all things food by obtaining a BSc. Food, Health, and Nutrition from the University of British Columbia. She later went on to obtain her Master of Management degree and is now turning her passion into a profession through Sugar Sugar Studios.